Double Rainbow Shirt

Im sure many of you have seen the Youtube viral fenomenon “Double rainbow Oh My God”.. Well I did and decided to do a quick draw up as a tribute to the best Double Rainbow clip ever. So here it is, a Double Rainbow  T-Shirt design. You can buy it on Organic American Apparel T-Shirts in both Mens and Womens from my shop

17 thoughts on “Double Rainbow Shirt”

  1. Hi Jessica

    Thanks for the kind words! Let me know if you cant find the colour or style you want


  2. haha this is classic!
    i was hoping someone was awesome enough to make a shirt lol
    double rainbow all the way man ha!

  3. Thanks! I know the price is a bit high.. I’m looking into printing some locally and ship them myself, I’ll see if I can get the price down.

  4. Hey…you’re rainbow is backwards… no seriously. Do your research. Double rainbows reflect eachother. One has red on the top and blue on the bottom and the other has blue on the top and red on the bottom… fail.

  5. Wow @ the price..
    This is not something I would buy for a quick laugh.

    unless they we’re some special type of shirt

    or a polo – definitely – but then polo would cost more to make so *shrug*

  6. Hi Amy! I don’t do research, I just draw and enjoy that – don’t concider it a fail at all. Thanks for your comment!

  7. Hi Alex!

    Yeah, maybe it is a bit expensive… they are printed on American Apparel which is good quality and sweatshop free. and I only make around $10 a shirt so I think it is ok. Thanks for your comment!

  8. Hey Amy, get some perspective and see these T’s for what they really are, FUN!!!

    Nice T’s Jonas 😀

  9. Thanks Paul, I appreciate that!

    Yep, you can’t take my stuff to seriously, at least I don’t.


  10. I am sorry but I suggest you find a real double rainbow picture and compare it with this drawing.

    Good drawing though…

  11. Yeah lovely idea, but the second rainbow always has the colors reversed as it is a reflection… but its a tshirt so as long as people can enjoy then i guess that good enough

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