The Briarcliff Motel

Richard, the owner of The Briarcliff Motel sent me these images of their new logos and signage, featuring my bear drawing (Disclaimer: I did not design the logo or put the design together, I just drew the bear used in the design). Unfortunately I did not have the time to visit while we did our US road trip last year, but the motel looks awesome and also got some great reviews on Trip Advisor.




I Love My Pug T-Shirt

Did a I Love My Pug illustration for all the Pug lovers out there, if you want it on a T-Shirt you can buy it from Zazzle here. Let me know if you want your favourite dog breed drawn and put on a shirt! I also did a version that says I Love Pugs, in case you are pug-crazy and have more than one, you can get that one here.

No Ron Swanson Shirt…

UPDATE: You can now buy this Ron Swanson T-Shirt from Zazzle here. It is available in tons of styles and colours.. It’s not the same as the below drawing, but similar.

Ok, there is no question that Ron Swanson is the highlight of Parks and Recreation, I personally digg him so much that I decided to make a Ron Swanson shirt, so I thought what is more awesome than a Ron Swanson T-Shirt? A Ron Swanson T-Shirt with quotes!

So that is what I did, run into a bit of a problem though, when I uploaded my Ron Swanson drawing to Zazzle, Spreadshirt and some other print on demand t-shirt stores it became obvious that it is not allowed to create your own Ron Swanson shirt… (see email from Zazzle below)

Apparently Ron Swanson is trademarked and owned by NBCUniversal Television. Maybe this is the case with all TV caracters? Makes sense because NBC probably spent millions developing Parks and Recreation and the Ron Swanson caracter…

Anyway, here is my Ron Swanson drawing with quotes…



…and without quotes


Email from Zazzle regarding my Ron Swanson tshirt:

“Thank you for your interest in, and thank you for publishing products on Zazzle.

Unfortunately, it appears that your product, Ron Swanson Shirt with Awesome Quotes, contains content that is not suitable for printing at

We will be removing this product from the Zazzle Marketplace shortly.

Please help us make our content approval process better by taking this short survey.

The details of the product being removed are listed below:

• Product Title: Ron Swanson Shirt with Awesome Quotes
• Product Type: T-Shirts
• Product ID: 235468282542214348
• Result: Not Approved
• Policy Violations:
o Your product has been removed from Zazzle’s Marketplace due to an infringement claim by NBCUniversal Television. This may be due to the actual design of the product, description or search tags that references properties owned by NBCUniversal.
• Image: Image
We apologize for the inconvenience, a detailed description of the policies are located here.

If you have any questions or concerns about the review of your product, please email

Best Regards,
Content Review Team
Zazzle Inc.”


So… No Ron Swanson T-shirts for me.




Double Rainbow Shirt

Im sure many of you have seen the Youtube viral fenomenon “Double rainbow Oh My God”.. Well I did and decided to do a quick draw up as a tribute to the best Double Rainbow clip ever. So here it is, a Double Rainbow  T-Shirt design. You can buy it on Organic American Apparel T-Shirts in both Mens and Womens from my shop

Heisenberg Sketch

Been sucked into Breaking Bad lately, if you haven’t watched it, what are you waiting for? 100% awesomness.

By the way, this is not the official Breaking Bad Heisenberg sketch, just got so excited that I had to create my own.